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Really a very good lawyer. Very experienced and a very good person, indeed.

-W. Huda

He is an excellent lawyer after the lawyer my husband first had dropped the case and send him to Mr. Massel because he no longer wanted to practice. Mr. Massel has treated my husband Kayhan with honesty and respect. I will recommend him to anyone who wants to start their process of becoming a permanent resident. He can only do so much, so you need to be honest and don't get yourself in any trouble. You’re here to have a better chance of life not to do stupid things.

-T. Rosales

Very knowledgeable and experienced.

-S.S International Trading

Great Lawyer! Thank you so much for everything you did for our family!

-M. Naudy

It is long about time someone really exposes who Attorney Elihu S. Massel really is - This man is the #1 Immigration Lawyer in the entire 'Big Apple.' He is THE BEST! Moreover, He is a GREAT GUY! He will take your mind off your depressing situation and take you in a positive direction, as he makes you laugh with his humor. His prices for his 5 Star Service are reasonable and affordable. Many families have re-united from this WONDERFUL MAN! I speak for ALL the families this man has helped, as he continues to fight for our FREEDOM IN THE USA — THE HOME OF THE BRAVE, AND THE LAND OF THE FREE!!!

-P. Barletta

He is the best of the best.

-W. Davis