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Are you planning to file for an uncontested divorce? An uncontested divorce attorney can make the entire process easier. The Law Offices of Elihu S. Massel will handle all the technical details of your divorce or other family law matters.

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Talk to a Guardianship Attorney About Juvenile Immigration Issues

Often, immigration and family law become inseparable. The Law Offices of Elihu S. Massel can help you deal with the separation of children and parents in the United States. Immigrant children may not be able to return to their country of origin with their natural guardians due to:

  • Political turmoil: When it's irresponsible to send a child into a dangerous situation, special arrangements can be made.

  • Abusive conditions: A juvenile who has suffered abuse, neglect or abandonment may be eligible for special status.

  • Loss of parents: If a minor's parents have died, it would be improper to send the child to their previous country alone.

Any of these cases require the help of a guardianship attorney.

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